August, 2018

First of all I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer with your family and friends. Summer is a time in our industry where we are the busiest, but lets all be sure to maintain the work / life balance.  Spending time with our families and friends is the most precious time we have.  Work can sometimes take away from that, because we have such a small window to get our projects completed.   So please, always take time with the ones who are closest to you, they too feel the struggles of our industry.

On a safety note, with this heat, lets all be sure to keep well hydrated and take breaks when needed. When on Jobsites we need to, as industry leaders, watch all workers and see that everyone is staying hydrated.  Don’t hesitate to walk up to someone and hand them some water or ask, when is the last time you had something to drink.   We are all in this together and need to watch out for one another.

Our next event coning up is our Annual RAY KRON MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING.   SAVE THE DATE for September 11th.   Please see the announcement and sign up sheet with-in the website.   This has always been a fun and rewarding event, raising money for a great charity!

In closing, I hope everyone has a prosperous and safe summer.  Keep those products and jobs rolling.   We are truly a great community with even greater people. 

God Bless and Be Safe!!

Stephen G. Riggi


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