Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade 1

Test Date:

Review Class Friday, May 11th & Test date Saturday, May 12th. Online registration April 5th through May 2nd.




ACI WNY Chapter certification testing for Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 is composed of a written examination and performance examination.  A recommended, but not mandatory review class is also provided.

The review class consists of a video presentation demonstrating each of the test methods covered in the certification test. The class also provides hands on demonstration of the equipment used in testing, as well as a practice written exam and a question and answer period.  The review class is intended to enhance the novice technician’s understanding of the test standards and methods covered in the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 certification.  This review session should not be considered a training class for technicians with no experience.

The one-hour written examination is “closed book” and consists of 55 multiple choice questions.  There are five to ten questions on each of the ASTM test methods and procedures.

The performance examination is also “closed book” and requires actual demonstration of six of the required test methods and practices, plus a verbal description of ASTM C172 – Sampling procedure.

The examinee is judged on his or her ability to correctly perform all of the required steps for each procedure.  Upon satisfactory completion of the written and performance exams, certification as a Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade 1 will be issued by the American Concrete Institute.  Re-certification is necessary every 5 years and requires successful completion of both the written and performance examinations.